Use surveys to quickly collect data for specific emission categories.

You can send recurring surveys to your employees on topics like commuting or remote working. The data from their responses is automatically added to the relevant branches of your organizational tree.

To create a survey:

  1. Go to Surveys in the 👀 Measure section

  2. Click Create survey in the top-right

  3. Click Choose a survey to browse our catalog of ready-made surveys

    Note: You can modify our survey templates to fit your needs, or create your own custom surveys. Learn more about customizing surveys

  4. Give your survey a title

  5. Choose how often you want to send the survey out (e.g. one-off, monthly, yearly)

  6. Define a start and end date for the survey

  7. Choose the users who will receive the survey

    Note: You can make the survey anonymous by unticking Collect recipient names

  8. Assign the measurements collected by the survey to a branch in your organizational tree

  9. Once you’re ready to send out the survey, click Send survey in the top-right

In Survey catalog, you can find Sweep’s ready-made surveys and any custom surveys you’ve created.

In Sent surveys, you can see all the surveys you have sent out, their status, recipients, and the date the survey was created.

Click on a survey to get additional information, including emissions by scope, information on respondents, and detailed measurements.

Closing and submitting a survey

Once recipients have completed the survey, click Close survey in the top-right to end data collection.

Tip: You can remind people to answer the survey by clicking More in the top-right then Resend survey.

Once the survey is closed, you can edit the data, like adding rules. Rules transform data, for example if survey responses need to be converted into emission data, or the unit needs to be changed.

To apply rules:

  1. Click Rules and select the rule you want to apply

    Note: Ask our carbon experts for help creating rules for your use case

  2. Click Apply rules, then click Save

When you are done and ready to submit the data, click Submit data.

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