There are thousands of emission factors available in the catalog. But if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can create your own.

Emission factors automatically get shared between sub-accounts.

If you want to make your emission factors available for all Sweep users, email us so our carbon experts can review them with you.

To create an emission factor:

  1. Go to the Emission factor tab in 👀 Measure, or click an Emission factor cell when adding measurements

  2. Click Create.

  3. Select the type of emission factor you want to create, fill in the required info, then Save.

There’s some info we ask when you create any emission factor:

  • Factor name: To help you find this emission factor in the library

  • Description: Add a description of the emission factor

  • Documentation: Upload supporting documentation for this emission factor, for example to show the perimeter, hypotheses, assumptions and calculations involved in the creation of this emission factor
    Tip: You can make this a requirement in your account settings.

  • Location: Countries where this emission factor is most relevant

  • Emission: The emission sources that trigger this emission factor

Create an induced emission factor

Induced emission factors are for products or services that emit greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

There’s some info we ask specifically when you create an induced emission factor:

  • Factor value: The actual emission factor - the number that gets multiplied by the activity data

  • Unit: The unit for the emission factor: kgCO2e/€, kgCO2e/kWh, kgCO2e/km, etc. Note: Get in touch if you want to add a new unit

  • Emission factor type: Whether the emission factor is physical or monetary.

  • Precision: How precise the emission factor is

  • Uncertainty: The % of unknown or possible variance for the emission factor

Create a composite emission factor

Composite emission factors are induced emission factors made out of other existing emission factors (i.e. the sum of multiple induced emission factors).

Use Add factors to search for the emission factors used to build your composite emission factor.

Under Factors, choose the amount of each factor.

Create an avoided emission factor

Avoided emission factors are for products that help people outside your company lower their emissions.

Add a baseline emission factor and a new emission factor. The baseline factor is for the product your product replaces (e.g. traditional car), and the new emission factor is for the new product (e.g. electric car).

Note: The new emission factor needs to be lower than the baseline to create an avoided emission factor

Tip: Avoid greenwashing by choosing a baseline you have evidence your product replaces (not just the worst alternative to your product) and providing documentation.

Create a negative emission factor

Negative emission factors are for products or processes that remove carbon from the atmosphere, like Direct Air Capture and Storage technology (DACS).

You’ll have to fill in the same inputs as with carbon emission factors (value, unit, location, etc.)

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