Sweep has a large catalog of emission factors for you to choose from.

These include emission factors taken from national and international databases like EcoInvent, Defra, Ademe, and US EPA, and custom Sweep emission factors created by our team (for example for remote working).

To choose an emission factor:

  1. Go to the Emission factor tab, or click an Emission factor cell when adding measurements

  2. Search for an emission factor with keywords or browse our catalog

    Note: Here you can also create your own emission factor

  3. Click Add filter to filter the emission factors shown, for example to only see emission factors for a particular emission source, category, location, level of precision, or source (e.g. EcoInvent, Ademe, IEA)

Tip: See the info that’s relevant to you by clicking the table icon in the top-right. Toggle on/off columns with additional information on the emission factors, and drag and drop to reorder the columns.

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